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    AI and the Future of Transformational Games

    Games for Change Festival

    Rapid advances in AI promise to transform the face of education, games, and all of society. In this keynote panel, luminaries of tech and education will paint a picture of the AI future of games and education.

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    Quest for Innovation: Designing Mixed Reality Games

    AWE USA 2024

    Schell Games CEO Jesse Schell is speaking on a panel at AWE USA 2024. His panel, Quest for Innovation: Designing Mixed Reality Games, will be held on June 19, 2024, and dives into the intricacies of crafting mixed reality games for Quest while uncovering how to leverage advanced features and innovative mechanics for immersive experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds. The Augmented World Expo (AWE) brings together companies and professionals to connect and grow their business in the XR ecosystem. The AWE community operates around the world to offer a series of major conferences and exhibitions, classes and workshops, and more.

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    The Future of MR Experiences: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Building for Mixed Reality

    GDC 2024

    In this talk, presented by Meta, I drew upon 30 years of experience with VR and AR to illustrate where this technology is now, where it is headed, and how by understanding the psychology of mixed reality you can successfully avoid pitfalls and invent the future of gaming.


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    Building Safe and Trusted VR Experiences

    Meta Connect 2023

    In this panel, I discuss how Schell Games balances free user communication and safe, respectful player communities to build safe and trusted experiences.

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    XR in Education: What Works, What's Next

    Devising 21st Century Higher Education

    In this talk, I cover uses for extended reality in education -- including what works and what the future may look like.


    Will the Metaverse Kill Reality?

    Crosscut Ideas Festival

    In this panel, I discuss the big bets tech companies have placed on the Metaverse, why consumers are slow to adapt this technology platform, and what the future of the Metaverse could look like.


    Keynote: The Nature of Order in Game Narrative

    Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference (CSGC)

    In the evening keynote at CSGC, I talked about how to create an interactive story experience that resonates with players across years.


    The Metaverse Panel: Is this a new way of talking about existing things or a new thing all together?

    KidTech Miami

    On this KidTech Miami panel, I dug into what the Metaverse is and how brands might take advantage of the opportunities it brings.


    Clash of realities

    Keynote: The Metaverse. What's Now, What's Next

    Clash of Realities Conference

    In this keynote, I explore what new mixed reality innovations are working now, and which ones are likely to make a difference for all of us soon.

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    Opening Keynote: The Future of XR and Education

    iLRN 2022

    Play Make Learn Logo

    Opening Keynote

    2022 Play Make Learn Conference

    Gamesbeat Icon

    The future of immersive games and gamified experiences

    GamesBeat Summit

    In this panel, I talk about the future of immersive games and gamified experiences, both in the short and in the long term.


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    holoride - Adding Thrill to Every Ride

    AWE USA 2021

    I returned to AWE USA to present with holoride's CEO + Co-Founder, Nils Wollny. In this Unity-sponsored panel, we talked about how extended reality experiences will forever change the future of in-vehicle entertainment.


    Learn About Video Game Design

    Hart to Heart with Laura Hart

    I had the chance to talk with my colleague, Laura Hart, about what we do at Schell Games, how I got started in the video game industry, and about Happy Atoms, HoloLAB Champions, and HistoryMaker VR.


    Ten Years of the Federal Games Guild (FGG) and the Emergence of Learning Games in Education: Fireside Chat

    2021 ED Games Expo

    In this fireside chat with Tracy Fullerton, we talk about how far game-based learning and serious games have come over the past ten years and look ahead to see what sort of impact we can expect from games on student learning.


    How the Learning Game Was Made: By Schell Games

    2021 ED Games Expo

    Along with some of my colleagues, we hosted a talk where students learned how we create award-winning educational games like HoloLAB Champions.

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    Story Stacks and Game Pillars, the Champions of Until You Fall's Game Design


    Dave Bennett and I talk about how we fine-tuned Until You Fall's player experience using story stack and game pillars -- two of the critical pillars behind Schell Games' design process.

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    iLRN 2021 Closing Keynote

    Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN) 2021

    I was the Distinguished Closing Keynote Speaker for iLRN 2021 -- an event that explores how learning can be accelerated with XR technology.

    Arts logo home spring 2016

    Navigating A Career in Games: Academia and Industry

    UC Santa Cruz Arts Professional Pathways

    I spoke on a panel featuring academicians and game developers to talk to UC Santa Cruz students about how to jumpstart a career in the gaming industry.

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    Will VR Unlock the Promise of the Metaverse?

    GamesBeat Presents: Into the Metaverse

    On this panel, I explain why now is the perfect time for experimentation in virtual reality, the role of virtual reality in the pandemic, and how the industry will evolve in the future.



    The Intuition Revolution

    The Intuition Revolution

    Intuition, the ability to understand something immediately, is important for Artificial Intelligence. I'll be speaking on intuition and machines during this event.

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    Liftoff PGH 2020

    Liftoff PGH 2020

    Throughout the month of December, Liftoff PGH is activating the leading disruptors across Pittsburgh's technology, health, education, and entrepreneurship sectors. I will be speaking at the region's first virtual healthcare innovation summit.


    Pittsburgh's Philanthropic Community Finding Ways to Give Back

    Corporate Philanthropy and Crisis Recovery Webinar

    The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone, especially small businesses. I joined this online panel to discuss how the region can better adapt its philanthropic efforts and meet the needs of our community during these difficult times.


    Educational VR Games at XPRIZE Connect

    XPRIZE Connect

    VR, especially regarding education, is changing rapidly as developers continue to innovate this medium. In this presentation, I explain the lessons Schell Games has learned and focus on how to edit small design details for big payoffs.

    G4 C Logo

    Educational VR Games: Lessons Learned

    Games for Change Virtual Festival

    Schell Games has been working hard to innovate in the VR space, releasing over a dozen different VR games. In this presentation, I show two projects we've made, explain the lessons we learned, and focus on small design details that made a big difference.

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    Games to Train the Healthcare Force

    Games for Change Virtual Festival

    In light of the global COVID-19 crisis, games have been viewed as tools for resilience, inter-connectedness, and wellbeing. I will be joining the Games for Change Virtual Festival to discuss my experience on using games to train the healthcare force.

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    Forming an Organization to Promote Game-Based Learning Devs

    Serious Play Conference

    On this panel I discussed the pros and cons of having an industry association focused on Game-Based Learning.

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    Huntington Breakfast Briefing: Schell Games CEO

    Schell Games’ mission is to create experiences we are proud of, with people we like, so we can make the world a better place. During this talk, I explain the vision of Schell Games and explore how we help the world’s largest and most innovative organizations engage, entertain, and inspire their audiences.


    Penn state

    How VR and AR Are Changing the World

    Flash Symposium

    What are VR and AR are good for, how do they work, and where they are likely to take us in the coming decade? In this lecture, I answer those questions and also have audience members experience some of Schell Games' work.


    ToonTown Rewritten Panel

    ToonFest at ReplayFX 2019

    During this panel, I reflect with fellow designer, Shawn Patton, about working on ToonTown and play the game with audience members.

    Bright TALK

    Fireside Chat about LBE and Game Design


    Business models for location based games differ from the rest of the game industry. I participated in a 'fireside chat' style talk with other game developers to discuss how making the move to LBVR compares with developing successful titles for the home consumer market.

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    Teaching Puzzle Design

    GDC 2019

    Puzzles are integrated into many games both digital and analog, but designing a great puzzle can be an elusive challenge: too easy bores the player, too hard frustrates them. In this talk, I discuss the pitfalls and best practices related to teaching puzzle design.

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    Rules of the Game 2019: Five New Techniques from Especially Astute Designers

    GDC 2019

    I will be on a panel with four other game designers talking about what techniques are necessary for game design in 2019 and beyond.


    Dust or Magic Logo 2

    What's Now, What's Next?

    Dust or Magic Institute

    I will be speaking to the conference attendees about the latest technology in children's entertainment and education.

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    A Recipe for Meaning: Making the Real Relevant

    TEA SATE-Orlando 2018

    I am on a panel discussing how to make concepts tangible and enjoyable to audiences.

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    Talk at FEI

    Pittsburgh Financial Executives International Chapter

    I will be talking about my role in running the largest education and entertainment game design studio in the United States.

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    The Secret Process for Creating Games that Matter

    Connected Learning Summit

    Logo black coal

    Toontown Rewritten Panel


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    Hololab Champions VR: The Making of a VR Chemistry Lab

    Games for Change

    I will be talking about designing and developing our VR chemistry game show, HoloLAB Champions.

    CM pgh

    Jesse Schell on Craft

    Creative Mornings

    I will be giving a talk based on Creative Mornings' monthly theme: 'Craft'

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    The New Culture of Creativity: From the Information Age to the Imagination Age

    International Creativity Summit

    I'm on a panel that will talk about how to use creativity and innovation in the "next era."

    FOIL 2

    2018 Keynote Address

    Future of Immersive Leisure

    I did a 'fireside chat' style address to talk about VR and how the industry is progressing.

    GDC web

    Developer Q & A

    GDC 2018

    I'm on a panel with other game developers answering questions about player behavior.

    GDC web

    The Nature of Order in Game Narrative

    GDC 2018

    One of the fondest hopes of any game writer is to create an interactive story experience that stays; something that people will want to play over and over, and love so much that they will pass it on to their children. How can you create something that persistent?

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    You Can Do More Than You Think: Memories of Randy Pausch

    The 10th Anniversary of "The Last Lecture"

    I reflect on how Randy Pausch got me involved with Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) and how he encouraged me to start my game studio, Schell Games.

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    So You Want to be a Game Developer?

    Ed Games Expo

    I was on a panel with other game developers talking about my career and steps to take in order to get into designing and developing video games.


    Upitt centerforhealth

    3rd Integrative Conference on Technology, Social Media, and Behavioral Health

    3rd Integrative Conference on Technology, Social Media, and Behavioral Health

    I am the afternoon keynote for the conference.

    SIEGE Flat 300x239

    Game Studio Leadership- You Can Do It!

    Southern Interactive Entertainment and Game Expo (SIEGE) 2017

    Being a leader at a game studio is terrifying. Most of us have had no formal leadership training, and the training that exists often does not apply to game development. But there are simple principles of game studio leadership that can help anyone become a better leader, no matter how big or small your team.

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    The Secret Process for Making Games that Matter

    2017 Games for Change Festival

    In collaboration with Barbara Chamberlin from Learning Games Lab, we will be presenting parts of the book we are writing.

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    The Industry Circle Town Hall

    2017 Games for Change Festival

    I am representing Schell Games as part of Games For Change's Industry Circle.

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    ToonFest Panel


    Shawn Patton and I will be attending ReplayFX to be on a panel during ToonTown Rewritten's ToonFest.

    Serious Play 100x100

    How Can Serious Games Bring More Innovation, like Multi Discipline and Immersive Learning to Education and Training?

    Serious Play Conference

    I am on a panel discussing how serious games can improve education and training.

    Serious Play 100x100

    SuperChem: The VR Chemistry Lab

    Serious Play Conference

    I go over some AR/VR predictions and then introduce SuperChem VR.

    G4 C Logo

    Panel - VR in the Classroom: Practices, Challenges and Opportunities

    2017 Games for Change Festival

    I'll be on a panel discussing the potential of VR in education.

    Chautuaqua institution logo

    Chautauqua Amphitheater Lecture Series

    Chautauqua’s Amphitheater Lecture Series

    My thoughts on how virtual reality will change the world

    Awe 2017

    Updates From the Future

    Augmented World Expo

    Which AR and VR technologies will still be around in 10 years? I make some predictions, and help you make your own.

    GDC Logo

    Lessons Learned from a Thousand Virtual Worlds

    VRDC @ GDC 2017

    My students at CMU have created over 1000 experimental VR worlds. In this talk, through many examples, I will present lessons learned from watching, guiding, and experiencing these experiments.


    Game Studio Leadership: You Can Do It

    GDC 2017

    My tips to anyone who is in a leadership position at a game studio, or who is considering taking on a leadership position.


    The Studio Survival Roundtable

    GDC 2017

    Most game studios go out of business within five years. Others stand the test of time. What is their secret? Me and other game studio leaders tell our stories.


    Teaching Virtual Reality Game Development

    GDC 2017

    I'm on a panel discussing best practices in teaching VR game development.

    SSP pgh

    Virtual Reality and the Future of Chemistry Education

    Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh (SSP) February Meeting

    I will be talking about VR in Chemistry education as part of the technology forum segment of SSP's monthly meeting.


    Dust or Magic Logo 2

    Mixing Things You Can Touch with Things You Can Imagine

    Dust or Magic 2016

    Thoughts on the state of AR and VR technologies, applied to learning settings.


    The Evolving Landscape of PC VR Game Design

    Oculus Connect 3

    I will be on a panel discussing how virtual reality is evolving in the PC space and beyond.

    Serious Play 100x100

    An In-Depth Look at Outcomes for At-Risk Teens through Games-Based Learning

    Serious Play Conference 2016

    Dr. Lynn Fiellin and I discuss the development of PlayForward and the outcomes associated with its gameplay

    Serious Play 100x100

    Virtual Reality and the Future of Education

    Serious Play Conference 2016

    Thoughts on how emerging virtual reality technology will affect education

    G4 C Logo

    The Future of Virtual Reality and Education

    Games for Change 2016

    Describing a future where education and virtual reality collide

    Google IO 100x100

    Project Tango Developer Panel

    Google I/O

    Developers discuss their experiences building on Project Tango, from tips on how to get started to thoughts on how Project Tango will change the way we play, work and live.

    GDC Logo

    Teaching Analog Game Design

    Game Developers Conference 2016

    A panel discussion assessing the benefits of analog game design

    Greenlight VR Logo

    Forty Predictions about Virtual Reality

    2016 Virtual Reality Analytics Web Summit

    Talking about the future of AR and VR

    VRDC Logo

    Lessons Learned from 'I Expect You To Die': New Puzzles, New Hands


    Shawn Patton and I discuss tips for making great VR.

    VRDC Logo

    Forty Predictions for VR/AR through 2025


    Predicting the future of AR and VR

    CCAC Logo

    The Future of Gaming

    Computer Gaming: Your Place in the Future!

    A discussion on careers in game development

    G4 C Logo

    How Schell Games’ Transformational Games Are Changing Education

    Games for Change Google Hangout

    Highlighting all the cool transformational games currently in development at Schell Games

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    Winning the Talent War: Culture Leaders of the Year

    Pittsburgh Technology Council Breakfast Series

    Digital Kids Logo

    Jesse Schell and His Happy Atoms

    Digital Kids Conference 2016

    Learn about Happy Atoms, the newest tool for teaching molecular chemistry

    Vision Summit Logo

    Vision 2020

    Vision Summit 2016

    Panel discussion about the future of VR and AR


    VRX 2015 Logo

    VR and AR: 2016, 2020 and 2025

    VRX Conference & Expo

    Delivering analytical insight into what we can expect from VR/AR in the coming decade

    TRETC Logo

    Imagining 2025: Five Big Questions for Learning Games


    Exploring the future of games in education

    Get Tomorrow Logo

    The Pleasure Revolution

    Get Tomorrow

    Explaining the surprising consequences of the new world of pleasure-based design

    BRF 100x100

    Curiosity, Patience, and Purpose

    Bridgeside Research Forum

    Looking for a big breakthrough? Here's three ingredients that might lead to success. Personal stories included.

    Pittsburgh Magazine Logo

    Practical Techniques for Predicting the Future

    Made In Pittsburgh

    Sharing five valuable techniques for envisioning things to come

    Midwest UX Conf 100x100

    Lessons from Game Design

    Midwest UX Conference 2015

    How to apply game design principles to all kinds of design

    CRMA Logo

    Predicting the Future

    Fall Publishers' Round Table

    Some useful techniques for determining the future

    Oculus Connect 2015 Logo

    Making Great VR: Lessons Learned from 'I Expect You To Die'

    Oculus Connect 2

    Tips for making engaging, entertaining VR experiences, including many specific examples from 'I Expect You To Die'.

    TEA Logo

    Understanding the Impact of Virtual Reality


    Answering questions about how virtual reality will impact location-based entertainment in the future

    Tech Fest NW 100x100

    Practical Techniques for Predicting the Future

    TechFestNW 2015

    Can we predict the future? Here are some tips that just might show you the way.

    CMU Logo

    Executive Overview

    Corporate Education Program

    Serious Play Logo

    Happy Atoms

    Serious Play 2015

    The story of how the Happy Atoms project came to be, the many adventures we have had during development, and plans to take it to launch!

    TRVS Logo

    Three Rivers Village School Meeting 2015

    Three Rivers Village School

    YPO logo

    Pittsburgh WPO Meeting 2015

    World President Organization

    ETC Logo

    Round Table: Design to Inspire

    Transformational Experiences Summit 2015

    Leading an informed discussion on designing transformational media

    G4 C Logo

    Attack from All Directions: Building Games with Multiple Paths of Transformation

    Games for Change Festival 2015

    Using the game Lexica (created with Amplify Learning) to describe the transformational games design process

    US Deptof Ed Logo

    Imagining 2025: 5 Big Questions for Learning Games

    Games for Learning Summit

    Imagining what education might look like in ten years (starting at 17:44)

    GDC Logo

    Game Studio Management: Making It Great

    Game Developers Conference 2015

    Sharing concrete methods for keeping a game studio happy, healthy and producing great games

    GDC Logo

    The Making of Lexica: A Truly Massive Tablet Game

    Game Developers Conference 2015

    Describing the lessons learned in creating arguably the largest tablet game ever created

    Digital Kids Logo

    Family Time: Finding the Natural Fit for Interactive Technology

    Digital Kids Conference 2015

    Panel discussion on using technology to enhance traditional family activities

    Grove City Logo

    Game Development Careers

    Grove City College

    On pursuing a career in game development

    PIGDA Logo

    Pittsburgh IGDA Meeting 2015

    Pittsburgh IGDA Meeting 2015



    Globant Logo

    Q&A Session with Jesse Schell

    Globant Webinar 2013

    My thoughts on educational games, the creative process and his predictions for the future of game platforms

    Serious Play Logo

    What Games Are Good At

    Serious Play 2013

    Keynote describing the benefits of games in relation to education

    Serious Play Logo

    Secrets of Amazing Transformational Games

    Serious Play 2013

    Workshop talk about transformational games

    Dare to be Digital Logo

    The Power of Touch

    Dare ProtoPlay 2013

    As part of Dare ProtoPlay, Jesse Schell launches Dare Jam by speaking on convergence and gamification.

    Casual Connect Logo

    The Power of Touch

    Casual Connect 2013

    The past, present, and future of touch-based gaming, and how it is changing the next generation of gamers

    Gamelab Barcelona Logo

    Psychology + Technology = Destiny

    Gamelab 2013

    A talk presented in Barcelona about the ten psychological realities that affect our use of technology

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    Sheep, Goats & Future of Education

    Games for Change Festival 2013

    Supporting curiosity in the classroom while preserving student self-discipline

    G4 C Logo

    Amplify Learning Panel

    Games for Change Festival 2013

    Introducing Lexica, a game to inspire middle schoolers to read the classics

    Inter Activity Logo

    SmallTalks Performance

    InterActivity 2013

    A theatrical performance at the Association of Children's Museum's annual conference (limited audio)

    Gsummit logo

    The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way

    Gamification Summit 2013

    An overview of motivational design in games

    Gdc logo

    The Future of Storytelling: How Medium Shapes Story

    Game Developers Conference 2013

    Analyzing different ways in which game narratives might change in the future

    Cfo2 logo

    The Pleasure Revolution: Why Games Will Lead the Way

    CFO Rising East 2013

    A discussion of motivational design

    Digital Kids Conf Logo

    Kids and the Power of New

    Digital Kids Conference 2013

    An exploration of the psychology of "new"

    Dust or Magic Logo 2

    What is Magic?

    Dust or Magic 2013

    Curiosity, wonder and imagination are key to understanding the world.

    Dice logo1

    The Secret Mechanisms

    D.I.C.E. 2013

    A discussion of the applications of game psychology

    Global Game Jam Logo

    Global Game Jam: Jesse Schell Keynote for Games for Change Locations

    Global Game Jam 2013

    Three tips on making games to change the world







    GDC Logo

    3 Up/3 Down

    Game Developers Conference 2007

    Panelists posit three positive and three negative developments in the serious games space